Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 2

So I figured I would try and break up this post a bit since it will be overwhelming to me and So we got up the next morning and walked to breakfast. One of the best parts about this whole trip was that we got to walk everywhere. I burned off everything I ate! So included in the B&B were coupons for breakfast every morning. We decided on Rather Sweet. Its was off the beaten path and to get there you had to travel through this garden. Holy cow that place was heaven. The pastries, pies, cookies, scones, Kolaches (pillowy yeasted buns with sweet or savory fillings) were incredible. It was hard to pick just one. So we stepped up to the counter and decided on a peach scone, sausage and cheese Kolaches and a pineapple Kolaches (My first!)

The peach scone was so crumbly and sugary. It had a great crust and the filling was so sweet but not overly so. You could really tell that the peaches were not canned but fresh. We did find out later on that she uses organic ingredients and mostly local products.

I will just throw into this post that the next morning we went back and got a peach Kolaches and the same sausage and cheese Kolaches. I just could not get enough. The Kolaches was very different from anything that I had had before. It was amazing to taste how different the savory and sweet pastries were and to know that the dough was made the same way. I definitely liked the peach better than the pineapple.

On the way back we stopped at this little bakery named Dietz Bakery. We went in and the price list over the counter was crazy. At first I thought maybe they had kept the original up there for show since this was a small town and a lot of the shops and restaurants had tried to keep the authentic feel. But nope those were the prices. 55 cents for a cinnamon roll, 65 cents for a twist, $2 for homemade wheat bread! It was nuts and the place openned at 8am and usually sold out at We were able to get two rolls the next morning but when we got there at 9 they were almost completely sold out.

Walking around the town was great. The people were so nice and the shops were really interesting. We walked back to the house and stopped off at a shop called Chocolat. Really there was not other name needed. You walked in and it was totally sensory overload. There was so much to chose from. I could have stayed in there for They had these dark chocolat liquid filled candies that were incredible. I sampled the Cabernet and it was amazing, you could really taste the flavor of the wine. The upside down truffles, with the filling on the outside, were velvety and flavorful and I think we ended up going back at least two more

Lunch was Italian. Seriously there was so much to chose from it was great. We tried to sample all the different types of food and we managed to do pretty So back to lunch at . When you walked in you really felt that you had just found a local spot. Very laid back, not touristy and the food was excellent. We ended up with a cup of the tomato basil soup. You could totally taste the fresh basil. It was a tad salty but the flavor of tomato and basil was really good. We then moved on to a fresh caprese salad with mozzerella, tomato, basil in a balsamic vinegrette. And to finish it off we shared a triple mousse dessert. Yum!!

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