Friday, December 25, 2009

Man o Man

So I have been so bad about posting anything and I have decided that I really need to start again. So I am just writing this to add to my blog and when I get home from Christmas I will start again. And the first new post will be a wish list for 2010. I have read a couple of other blogs that I follow and I read what these women have accomplished in their lives and I finally realize that you will not get what what by sitting on the sidelines but by getting in their and getting your hands dirty and off you a**!!!

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 2

So I figured I would try and break up this post a bit since it will be overwhelming to me and So we got up the next morning and walked to breakfast. One of the best parts about this whole trip was that we got to walk everywhere. I burned off everything I ate! So included in the B&B were coupons for breakfast every morning. We decided on Rather Sweet. Its was off the beaten path and to get there you had to travel through this garden. Holy cow that place was heaven. The pastries, pies, cookies, scones, Kolaches (pillowy yeasted buns with sweet or savory fillings) were incredible. It was hard to pick just one. So we stepped up to the counter and decided on a peach scone, sausage and cheese Kolaches and a pineapple Kolaches (My first!)

The peach scone was so crumbly and sugary. It had a great crust and the filling was so sweet but not overly so. You could really tell that the peaches were not canned but fresh. We did find out later on that she uses organic ingredients and mostly local products.

I will just throw into this post that the next morning we went back and got a peach Kolaches and the same sausage and cheese Kolaches. I just could not get enough. The Kolaches was very different from anything that I had had before. It was amazing to taste how different the savory and sweet pastries were and to know that the dough was made the same way. I definitely liked the peach better than the pineapple.

On the way back we stopped at this little bakery named Dietz Bakery. We went in and the price list over the counter was crazy. At first I thought maybe they had kept the original up there for show since this was a small town and a lot of the shops and restaurants had tried to keep the authentic feel. But nope those were the prices. 55 cents for a cinnamon roll, 65 cents for a twist, $2 for homemade wheat bread! It was nuts and the place openned at 8am and usually sold out at We were able to get two rolls the next morning but when we got there at 9 they were almost completely sold out.

Walking around the town was great. The people were so nice and the shops were really interesting. We walked back to the house and stopped off at a shop called Chocolat. Really there was not other name needed. You walked in and it was totally sensory overload. There was so much to chose from. I could have stayed in there for They had these dark chocolat liquid filled candies that were incredible. I sampled the Cabernet and it was amazing, you could really taste the flavor of the wine. The upside down truffles, with the filling on the outside, were velvety and flavorful and I think we ended up going back at least two more

Lunch was Italian. Seriously there was so much to chose from it was great. We tried to sample all the different types of food and we managed to do pretty So back to lunch at . When you walked in you really felt that you had just found a local spot. Very laid back, not touristy and the food was excellent. We ended up with a cup of the tomato basil soup. You could totally taste the fresh basil. It was a tad salty but the flavor of tomato and basil was really good. We then moved on to a fresh caprese salad with mozzerella, tomato, basil in a balsamic vinegrette. And to finish it off we shared a triple mousse dessert. Yum!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just got there...

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Just got back on Sunday evening from my trip to Fredericksburg TX. I had so much fun! I went down to visit my friend Anne and see a part of the US that I had never been too. The weather was awesome not a cloud in the sky, well, until I was leaving but I was! I am hoping to finish this post this evening but we are having some severe weather so I will be shutting down for a bit. Okay I am back. That was friggin crazy weather. Complete with winds, rain and hail.

Anyway, so I hate to fly. Okay so really I am scared to That whole not being in control and up really really high definitely not for me. But I did it! I have to admit the trip there was pretty much a blur since I left MD at 5:30 am and had not slept at all that night, so I did nap on the flight. I got a pretty cool pic coming into TX from my seat.

I was so happy when we finally landed in San Antonio and I was off the plane at least for the next 4 days!

I had never met Anne in person so it was totally an adventure trying to find her in the parking area out of the airport. I was so excited to finally meet her and we totally hit it off. I knew this was going to be a great trip!

Since we don't have Sonic's in MD the first thing I wanted to get was a Vanilla Diet Coke! That would be the start of many over the weekend.

We got into Fredericksburg later that day to check into the Bed and Breakfast and get settled before dinner. It was so amazing. The house was beautiful, built back in the 1920's and finally portioned off into the B&B in the 1980's. The decor was quaint and rustic. And the beds were huge!

We got dressed and decided on Mexican for dinner. We went to Mamacita's. Its a chain restaurant that serves great mexican food. When you first walk up, fun music is piped through to the outside inviting guests to come in and enjoy the chips and salsa and sangria. We sat down to a dinner of salsa, queso and quesadillas. We ended up splitting the order and it was more than enough. Food was good. I have had better queso and the sangria was a bit dry but overall a I had a great time.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shari's Berries

So I almost forgot!! A coworker of mine got these amazing chocolate dipped strawberries from a client and she was nice enough to share! They were awesome. The strawberries were big and sweet and the chocolate was thick and delicious.

I will definitely buy some of these for the next big holiday or any day for that matter. You can visit the website here, for more information and how to order. They offer nearly 200 products ranging from the signature berries, to hand dipped cookies, truffles, cheesecakes and Strawberry Roses. And for those baseball lovers out there they are now offering theses special dipped strawberries:

How flippin' cute are those!!!! They have great gift baskets and they even have sugar free chocolate. Its amazing and definitely worth a look.

Thoughts...Ideas...New Stuff...

So I have been checking out other blogs and reading as much as I can to see how to improve mine and I have decided that I need to start writing the way I used to write. I love to write and I always have. When I was younger I wanted to be an author. I have a way that I write and I had been going away from that to try and make it sound more professional and I don't want to do that I want it to sound like me! So that the first light bulb that came on. The second was that I am right now trying to train for the Falmouth Road Race in Cape Cod, MA this August. I had run this last year in 70 minutes. Its 7.1 miles so my 10 minute mile was great for me! This year I had wanted to run it in around an hour but seems like my legs have other ideas. So a little back story. Please sit down, relax, grab a drink and just read.....

So three years ago, wow I can't believe it has been that long, I decided that I wanted to run the race with my dad. You see both of my sister's had run with him already and I was the only one who hadn't done it. So I decided that I would be smart and train for 6 months for the race. I always wanted to be a runner. I would see people outside running and it looked so freeing and just amazing. But alas, I am not a runner. At all. Nope. Not even close. I have never gotten to the point where your legs just take over and you seem to be able to run forever. For me every step is tough, every mile seems so long and my body rebels every thought of running. So I started slow. I started on a treadmill. Yep that little machine that seems so nice and non threatening sitting there looking all innocent. Little did I know that there was a beast lurking inside. The days went on and I kept running. Some days I thought I would die and others I just thought I would throw up. About 2 months into training I noticed that my shins were hurting me when I wasn't running. Now they had been bothering me for a bit while I was running but I just figured my legs where not used to being told they had to run so they might be putting up a fight. I went to the doctors and she said that I had shin splints and I had to take a 2 week rest. Fine, whatever, I would put up my running shoes for 2 weeks and take a break. I continued to bike during that time and my legs continued to get worse. I went and had a bone density test done. So for everyone who has not had the pleasure of this let me just give you this imagine. Imagine the most uncomfortable table you have ever seen and just think of how it would feel to have to lie on it for 45 minutes and not move at all. Not one single flinch. And of course before the torture of laying there you have to get a shot full of dye so they can see your bones. Fun stuff. Results...negative. Nothing wrong. Next was the orthopedic. Xrays first and again nothing. So there I am sitting in the office and he squeezes my knee and I flew of the table. I told him he did that again and I might have to kick So MRI's were in order. And not just one MRI but 6. Yes 6. That is 6 hours of my time laying strapped to a bed in a room under a machine. Man I was loving this.

Diagnoses....stress fractures both legs. Yep both of them. Same spot same fracture. Prescription...crutches for a year. So the time for the race came up and my whole family decided to run that year, since I was unable to. Now mind you I was the only one who had trained so I was in the best But they did it and not one could walk for the next 2 days! Fast forward to last year and I ran and I love/hated every minute. So I vowed that I would do it faster this year. Fast forward to now and I am training but I am struggling. See when you stress fracture anything and when you get shin splints you get them all the time. So I have to frequently take breaks from running.

So lets wrap this up. I have taken up a bunch of your time. I am calling out to all runners, new and seasoned. I need your help. I would love to hear how you trained for your races. How you started into running. And how you have overcome any problems that seem to get into your way.

I started this as a food blog and it will stay a food blog but I will add my training in here now as well.

Happy Eating...Happy Running.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Recap and Secret Bloggie Goodies

So I decided to do this post as a recap of the past two days and I will post pics tonite as I am already in my office and are not able to do that from Well I shouldn't be writing from here either but its 7:45am and I had to get in early since my dog needs to go to the vet this morning. So I am here making up the time. Anywoo, so Sunday after the great drinking fest of 09' we got home, rather we flew home, and I decided that I wanted something yummy for lunch but not involved. Pizza it is!!! We had to go get the pups from the in-laws so we made a special trip to Wholefoods and got my favorite pizza. American Flatbread. It is so good and I have not been able to find it anywhere but at Wholefoods so they have me in their clutches...insert evil laugh here. So I added some cherries, my new favorite fruit, and some strawberries and bam lunch!

So as not to have dinner feel less then adequate I decided I had not had sushi in forever. I called up Edo Sushi and ordered the Chirashi Sushi. Its a ball of sushi rice with about 10 to 15 pieces of fish and some edamame. It was so yummy and I felt good eating it. I will say that I only ate about a 1/2 cup of the rice but enjoyed all of the fish.

Okay so lets move on to the good stuff....MY SECRET BLOGGIE GOODIES! I was having such a day at work (when don't that I ran home during lunch and what did I see at my door but a package for me. Yes a package just for me. I was so excited that I ripped open the box and first thing I see is Chocolate Peppermint Lar Bars. I love those and then I got to the Luna Chocolate Peppermint Cookie, which I promtly ate then and there. So good! And some dark chocolate. And yes it was 80% dark. Oh so yummy and delicious. Thank you so much Emma. I will be checking out your site definitely.

That was such a great idea and a wonderful part of my day. I would love to do them again.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

New Jersey Wineries and Barrel Tastings

So this weekend we traveled up to Northern New Jersey to visit with my sis and to check out some local wineries. Trip time usually 4 to 4 1/2 hours....our time We left here at 5 am and flew up there. I love no traffic!!!

Our first stop was Westfall Winery. We were going there for the First Barrel Tasting of the Summer season. I was so excited I had never tried wine before it was ready to bottle. We sat down outside and enjoyed a pinic. My sister and her boyfriend had made great sandwiches for everyone and had also packed pineapple slices, pickles and chips. It was a great way to fill the belly before the wine feast began.

We then paid our 5 dollars and got a great glass and moved to the Barrel Room. I have to mentioned that this Winery also breeds horses. When we pulled up the horses were outside to greet us. I think one really wanted our attention!

Anyway, back to the wine. So we go inside and this tasting is for reds. Now I am not a huge fan of red, tends to give me a headache, so I was a little leary but I did fine a couple that I would have a glass of with dinner. I don't think the tasting guide cared for our group to much, we were rowdy! My mom came in and grabbed the list and started to describe all of the wines. She then turns to him and say "Wait is this your job"!! My husband, who doesn't care for wine that much, even got into the tasting. He was even chewing the wine for the So much fun.

Then we went into the shop were the owner had another good 15 bottles of wine for us to try and that tasting was free!! I love anything I ended up with a bottle of Sangria to take home. It was a little sweet but not overly so and had a great citrus finish. A dangerous bottle to have around a

After hanging out a bit with my parents we said goodbye and the four of us went on to the next stop.

Ventimiglia Vineyard. My sister had told me that when you first pull up to the winery you really feel like you are just pulling up to someone's house. She was right! They had chickens in the side yard, some grapes growing in the backyard and a few tables out front for people to sit and enjoy the wine.

This tasting was also 5 dollars and we got to sample 14 different types of wine. I learned so much. The owner's of this winery are so personable and you can tell the amount of heart and soul that go into his wines. We were even lucky enough to go down and get another barrel tasting! I wish I would have been able to take a couple of those home that day. But I will wait til they get bottled and enjoy!

Since my sister and her boyfriend (okay Monique and much!) had gone there a couple of times we totally took that over as well. By the end we were pouring the wine!! I loved the Carignane, which is a red. I was so excited to find one that I loved. It was smooth, crisp and a little tart but with no linger at all. I bought a bottle of that and of the Chardonnay. Their Chardonnay has grapefruit tones...grapefruit is one of my favorites!! It was crazy to learn the number of different types of grapes that they use in the wines. And they make it all by hand. For the sorting to the crushing to the bottling.

It was such a great day and I really enjoyed learning about the wines. I can't wait for them to come visit here again and for us to try some local wineries in MD.

So I totally want to post my eats on Sunday when I got back from NJ but I am beat and my Hubby just got me a lavender tea and I am going to relax and read and